Infection or Perod

Just wondering if you could help me as I couldn't get hold of anyone at the clinic yesterday. 

I had my 2nd lletz almost 3 weeks ago but only started bleeding 4 days ago. Was wondering if this could happen as I didn't bleed the

first time round. I have a contraceptive implant so don't have regular periods. 

Its not heavy bleeding, but it is bright red. I have slight cramps like period pains and no strange odour? Just wondering if this is

normal an infection or possibly period?


Liane x

Call your GP on Monday Hun, I'm going to have to do the same. keep your fluids up just in case and if it gets worse before Monday, I'd phone NHS direct or your local out of hours surgery. Hope you feel better soon x

Thank you shikari shaker. I phoned the out of hours and got some antibiotics just incase x