infection or not?

Hi So I had my LLETZ two weeks ago for cin3 cells with high risk HPV. Anyway, I am awaiting my results, but i had no problmes initially
.. so smell, no bleeding, not much of anythign really. Now two weeks in I have had really runny, watery discharge (sorry for too much info) now I am bleeding
and have a smell that I can only descirbe as the smell you get when you squeeze a cybacious cyst or something, its really pongy and pungent? . is this infection or normal?

I am going on holiday on the 31st of July - will i be back to normal for then?  i have a feeling my bf is going to propsoe and the no sex thing is playing on my mind, it is already causing a bit of a strain

Thanks x

Hi there 

I had my treatment 12 days ago, and about a week ago my watery discharge started. It's perfectly normal. It's gross I know, and it does stink. It's just all the lotions and potions that they used veing released. Unless you are bleeding really heavily and are in severe pain, I wouldn't worry too much about an infection. I was concerned too, but there is a lot of different stages we go through during this healing process. Roll on the end please! Good luck girly. 

Kelly. X