Infection Help??

Me again....

Probably getting worked up over nothing but know that you guys will help :)

Following my colp/biopsy I had no bleeding at all but a lot of clear discharge with no smell....5 days later the discharge is yellowy brown and has a definite not nice smell.

Ive also had stabbing pains in my lower tummy since yesterday. Other than that I feel fine in myself.


Is it worth getting checked out by the doc?


I hope you dont all think im being silly....everything is so heightened and worrying at the mo! 

Hi hun, after mine i had lots of clear discharge and i also bled quite heavily for a couple of weeks, i also thought it smelt funny and so i went to the doctors just to be on the safe side, turned out it wasnt an infection but no harm in you going like i did just to be on the safe side. The doctor told me after the treatment to expect colours of the rainbow from down there, yuk! So i wouldnt panic as it can easily be sorted if you do have an infection xxx

Whenever there is anything 'not quite right' Do go and see a medical professional. There are a handful of people on this forum with a bit of medical knowledge but the vast majority of us are just patients. You wouldn't be asking for a consultation from people in your doctor's waiting room now would you?

I hope that hasn't come across as harsh, it's not meant to, we all ask each other for advice all the time but medical stuff should really be dealt with by your doctor.

Be lucky!


Thanks Natty B. I cant get in to a doc until tomorrow so will see how things go!

And Tivoli, not harsh at all and a very good point. Actually made me laugh too at the thought of going to a docs and getting advice in the waiting room.

Have a great day guys x