Infection from LLETZ - 2 weeks on Anti-botics

Hi Ladies,


I had my LLETZ on Thursday and been feeling unwell since - went to the emergency doctors yesterday and she gave me 2 lots of anti-botics for 2 weeks higg doseage. I have started taking yesterday and still feel rubbish - Is it normal to have to take them for 2 weeks, also i've noticed my kidneys are really hurting and i look like i'm about 5 months preggers is this normal or just coincident?





Hi hope ur feeling a bit better, I was feeling crappy for 2 weeks after getting the lletz done it's just now I'm feeling a bit normal, I too went to my gp as had a terrible back pain even when I took a deep breath it hurt and turned out i had a kidney infection(never had one before) the gp said it happens a lot so maybe be a good idea get it checked, I'm on antibiotics for a week there normally giving for 3 days but I doc said I need them for a week xxx

I couldn't even get my pants done up for about 2 weeks after my LLETZ! I also contracted a pelvic infection and a UTI and was put on two heavy doses on anti-biotics. I had to switch one of the drugs because I had a really bad reaction to it. Usually they'll say to tough it out, but if the antibiotics make you feel worse than the infection definitely go back and see what else they can do.

Thank you Janebonbon - I just haven't felt right since! Just so tired and drained all the time!


Be glad when it's all  over with!

I hope you're starting to feel better!

Hi Juggsy hope ur feeling better? Did you get ur results yet? Thinking of u xxx