Infection following LLETZ

Hi all,
Sorry for all the posts but I had LLETZ 8 days ago I’ve experienced no bleeding just brown discharge, it’s now changed from brown to completely light black (lost the massive scab a few days ago) and there is a smell to it that I fine offensive as soon as my knickers are off there’s the smell. Not experiencing any temperature or pain so not entirely sure if it’s an infection and just the wound healing hence the blackness.
I know I should probably called my gp but this would involve me sitting at my desk at work in a room of people discussing my issues(you have to speak to Dr on phone with your problem before they say yes or no to appointment)

Does this sound like an infection or body healing?

Sorry for the TMI

Hi hum I was rushed in to hospital via ambulance with an infection last night. I was very poorly. If you suspect an infection I wouldn't wait about id get seen as soon as you can. I had a slight brown discharge and a little stomach pain the night before then woke up in agony so so poorly x

Oh Christ jenb2003 hope your ok! That sounds awful.


I personally don't think I've got an infection feel like its my body healing but my fiancé and mum are nagging me to go to gp