Infection after Loop - HPV?

Hi there,

I’m new to the site and would love to have some advice.

Have a question regarding the HPV virus, i’ve just (Last week) had a loop for CIN 3 and HPV and i’ve now after much discomfort and weird bleeding and smell (sorry TMI) been told i have an infection and put on two courses of antibiotics.

My question is with HPV does it only live on my cervix? if they have removed it from there and it lives elsewhere can it return to my cervix?

And most importantly, can this new infection be responsible for HPV returning to my cervix in future? is it more or less likely?

I’m sorry for so many questions,

Just feeling exhausted and probably a little paranoid


Hi K and welcome to the site. There is some really good clear information on HPV in the information section of the site, together with frequently asked questions, so it's worth a look. But to answer your questions, HPV lives not only in/on the cervix but also can be found in the vagina, vulva, rectal area. The body's immune system is usually really good at fighting off the infection, but sometimes, for whatever reason, it can take hold and that's when we get changes in the cells ie CIN 3 in your case. This can take a long while to develop. The loop procedure gets rid of those cells, and for most people that will be it. I don't believe the infection that you now have, post loop, will make recurrence of HPV more likely as you are getting antibiotic treatment for it, but your GP can always clarify things for you. Do read the info section though as I think all your questions will be answered. Hope it all gets sorted for you soon. 

Hi klou72

Can I just ask what type of pain you had and how the doctors found that you have infection.

It's been 2 weeks since my lletz and (sorry for tmi) but since day 2 post lletz I had a smell, then day 3 I came on my period which was due then anyway and the smell disappeared but after my period ended I could smell that smell again. I can't explain what it was like but the smell has started to fade the last few days. I have always had the discharge (tmi again sorry) but it's more like a mould water but today I notice I bled..only abit but it was bright red and havnt had it since and now I'm getting a slight pain in tummy...abit like period pains. 

Sorry for essay. I'm talking like your my doctor lol 

My question is what was your pain/discomfort like and if you don't mind me asking your bleeding?  


Hi there Rachel, thank you for the reply I will definitely check it all out!! Such a great site!! Thanks for taking the time to reply :)



Hi, yeah it's like a dull persistent ache...but quite intense. Hot water bottle and ibruprofen would do nothing for it at times. 

i only went to the gum clinic to be sure as I was convinced I was being over dramatic and going to be laughed out of there.

The smell, discomfort and discharge with blood (like a tap) must have been a part of the infection.

They did swabs but said I definitely had an infection and sent me away with co-amoxiclav and another antibiotic, metronidazole.

This morning I have woken to pure red blood (nice) so I'm not sure if that's the infection clearing, healing process or an early period.

All I can advise is go to see someone even if it's a drop in clinic and get it checked out, (even if it's embarrassing-mine was) you don't want an infection in an area that is tough to heal in the first place, that could progress.

i was nearly too stubborn to go but even if it was nothing I had peace of mind :)

hope this helps