Infection after Lletz?

Hello everyone,
I am new here but could do with some advice.
I had high grade abnormalities diagnosed after a recent smear. I was booked into have a Colposcopy on the 23rd December and they did Lletz treatment there and then. I think I was in a state of shock as didn’t expect there to be so much that they needed to remove - it was CIN3. They told me I have to wait 2-3 weeks for results which seems forever!!
Anyway I’ll get to the point! … I now have a strange smelling discharge and cold/flu like symptoms. Do I have an infection? I’m also not dealing with this very well mentally - anyone else feel worried all the time? TIA


It sounds to me as if you have got an infection.  I had exactly the same as you describe about 4 days after I had my Lletz.  I had hot flushes, felt nauseous with headaches. Just like you I was very worried and I don't think that helped.  I also had a strange smelling discharge.  I managed to get an urgent appointment with my Doctor who prescribed antibiotics.  I felt better within 3 days.  Definitely pop along to your Doctor or have a word with them on the phone if that's easier.

As I mentioned I was very worried.  The waiting is the worst part and I would say try to be around friends, do things you like to do and keep busy.  Worrying really doesn't help.  My results came through 4 weeks after my Lletz and they found CIN2 and CIN3, but think they have taken away the bad bits, so I have to go back in 6 months time.  

I wish you all the very best and hope you feel much better soon.



I too had my lletz for suspected cin1/2 as I didn't have a biopsy...I did have a few pains and flu symptoms which my doctor have me antibiotics

It is a worrying and stressful time but try and stay positive easier said then done....but try not to worry as you don't have anything to worry about 


Hi everyone,

I had lletz on the 13th of Jan. I had very very pale pink blood for the first couple of days which has now stopped but I'm starting to get a watery like discharge and it isn't pleasant smelling. I think I may have an infection. 

As I'm not registered to a GPS in my new town I am heading to the walk in centre tomorrow. Do all GP's swab for infection? And if so do yo get the results (pos/neg) for infection there and then?

Thanks :)