Infection after LLETZ

Hi everyone, 

i just wanted to write up my experience after LLETZ. I had the treatment a week ago and on Wednesday I developed a fever having hot and cold sweats. I honestly just thought I was getting the flu. The day after I still didn't feel great and couldn't keep any food down vomiting badly a few times. Again thinking I was just a bit under the weather I kept dosing up and carrying on. Yesterday I awoke to bright red blood in the toilet which then really panicked me. I rang the doctors and managed to get seen straight away and they have put me on a course of antibiotics as they say I have got an infection. I wanted to share my experience as there is nothing to warn you about developing these symptoms in the NHS after care leaflet. I hope this helps someone like me who was not sure what was going on!!

I had my LLETZ just over 4 weeks ago and developed an infection the other day. I had no fever or sickness, just been feeling generally unwell and not myself. Also started to bleed again. GP saw me very quickly,examined me and confirmed an infection. I've got an antibiotic cream to use at night for a week. Hope you get well soon xx