infection after LLETZ

I had LLetz procedure on 20-10-14 after which I suffered an infection and now feel like I've been run over by a bus!
my smear revealed severe dyskaryosis resulting in needing a Lletz, I've previously had biopsy 8 years ago but had no problem after this.
My problems started when the doctor injected me with local anaesthetic, I instantaneously felt it running through me and the hot sweats, heart palpitations began along with the wobbly legs.
The procedure I think went well although hard to tell. I felt awful from that moment on.
 I don't know if it was the anaesthetic or an infection but that night and the following days have been a struggle. I didn't have much pain but hot, cold, unsteady, wobbly, rapid heart beat, feeling sick, not wanting to eat, extremely tired. I was hoping to return to work the next day but no chance of that I've felt so unwell.
I could hardly manage to make it to GP who reported I have high temp and tachycardia, rapid heart rate. He thought that I had an infection from procedure and not a reaction from the anaesthetic which is what I thought it was.
He suggested I have antibiotics which have helped but now have diarrhoea as a consequence.
I don't appear to have found any information to suggest that I should feel like this as a result of the Lletz procedure and feeling pretty crap. I wonder whether anyone else has had the same symptoms?
THanks, I'm new to the forum.


Hi hon,

do you still have all the symptoms that you had before you took the antibiotics? Have you finished the course? It sounds horrible, you've really been poorly!

I never take antibiotics without also taking some sort of good bacteria, acidophilus tablets or pro biotic yoghurt drink like yukult.

i would be inclined to go back to your gps and perhaps see a different doctor! I don't know much, but it is strange that your symptoms started before an infection could have set in.

take care, hugs, Molly xxx

Hi Molly

Thanks for your reply.

im taking yoghurt which has helped.

Am feeling better now thanks but got an appointment with GP tomorrow anyway.

Hope that your feeling better too hunny.

Take care. xxx