Infection after LLETZ not going away


I went for a colposcopy 9 days ago with High-risk HPV and abnormal cell changes. The nurse decided to go ahead with a LLETZ on that same day. I should get my results in 4 to 6 weeks. Definitely a stressful time.

Since then I have had heavy yellow/greenish discharge with a foul smell and constant period like pain. I have been prescribed a week of antibiotics but the infection didn’t clear out. The GP is not really sure what’s happening so she decided to do swabs, I should get my results by Friday.

I’m worried and I was wondering if anyone had ever experienced anything like that? x

Hi. I can hear your angst and really hope someone on here can relieve some of it - what a horrible stressful wait! I had period like cramp feeling for 9.5 wks after my smear, (hpv + but with no abnormal cells,) but no discharge, and can’t get any answers, so I can relate. I had internal scans performed for overies, fallopian tubes etc as thought I may have ovarian cancer, and blood tests, but all clear. So I’m still none the wiser and have been left without answers. Abnormal cells that have been missed do you think? Please let me know when you know more. Wonder if you need stronger antibiotics for an infection? Try not to think the worse, it rarely is xx

Ps I saw a private specialist after my smear and hpv + result. I’d had the pain for approx 2 weeks by then. I did ask him if he thought it might be an infection and he said if I did have one I would have foul smelling discharge x

Been reading other threads on here that relate to you so pls have an explore - one titled “still bleeding 2 weeks after lletz” or some such. Xx

Hi yes i have had infection after lletz and was put on metronidazole for 2 weeks as one week didn’t clear it up and had high vaginal swab done and was infection so got put on doxycycline but that didn’t agree with me so stopped them on Dr advice and went on fluxocillan and that fixed it. I wasnt feeling well so new i had infection as smell was anerobic and had temperature and weak finally better. Hope you get better soon you will get there. Just rest drink plenty water honestly rest x

Hopefully the swabs will tell you if its infection and what antibiotics are needed to treat the bugs x

Hey, it’s so frustrating when you don’t have any answers or waiting for some, especially when you know there’s something not right with you. I feel you! I would have thought they would have check automatically for infection, in your case but then again I’m not a doctor. I wouldn’t think and hope they wouldn’t miss abnormal cells. Sounds like you had some thorough checks and hopefully you’ll get to the bottom of it and feel better soon. Xx

Hi, Thank you so much for reply, i don’t feel like an isolated case now (lol). I was on Doxycycline for a week as I’m allergic to Penicillin and any related antibiotics, also erythromycin doesn’t agree with me. I guess i might need a stronger dose to clear the infection out as it’s getting nasty and painful. Hopefully by Friday I’ll know more and get the right treatment. X

What strength doxycycline were you on i was on highest dose and can never take it again was so ill on it tachycardia was horrible. Hopefully you get answers soon do you feel unwell temp etc x

I was on 200mg the 1st day then 100mg for 6 days. Doxy is one of the rare antibiotics that agree with me, but it didn’t work. I was in a lot of pain last night, didn’t get a good sleep, can’t wait for the right treatment x

Aww thats not good i would be getting back in touch with your GP or gynaecology do you have temperature or feel ill x

No temperature, I manage the pain with paracetamol. GP wants to wait for results of the swabs before prescribing anything. Should get them today or tomorrow, I’ll definitely call back tomorrow morning if I haven’t heard anything x

Ok best of luck x rest up be compassionate to yourself

Hi hope you got your results and your on the mend x

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Hey, no infection was found, so physical exam next week. However I started bleeding heavily today, maybe a good sign? I feel so weak and unwell x

Hi I had a LLETZ 13 days ago I had an infection and on last day of antibiotics I’ve had constant bleeding since and today have had a sharp pain in lower abdomen I’ve been sick and just generally not feeling myself has anyone else been like this? Tia simone

Hi, have you got any temperature, maybe get in touch with GP? I’m 14 days post LLETZ and It’s been a rollercoaster, physically and emotionally. I had an infection, I started bleeding heavy yesterday and stopped overnight, now brownish discharge. I too have sharp pain in lower abdomen and feeling very tired. Try to rest as much you can x

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Thankyou for your reply I ended up bleeding for a total of 28 days from the day I had the LETTZ, I’m now day 16 into my first period after having the LETTZ. Do you know if this is normal? Thing that concerns me is that it’s fresh blood and has been for the whole 16days I’ve had crazy amount of pain just don’t feel myself will be contacting the doctors tomorrow. I hope you’re doing well! Xxx