Infection 7 weeks after lletz?


i had treatment for CIN 2 7 weeks ago and everything seemed fine, no pain and not much bleeding. Over the last two weeks I have been experiencing pain in that area that comes on in waves and feels like someone is nipping me. It gets worse as night and its also painful in my groin area. I thought this was all part of the recovery but rang the hospital to check. They told me that I shouldn't be experiencing this and I should get to the doctors as it could be an infection or something not even related. 

I went to the doctors yesterday and she did an examination. It was so painful I could hardly stand it and in the end she had to stop without being able to see my cervix. She said I had a slight discharge but didn't think it was an infection as I had no other symptoms like bleeding or a temperature. She did give me antibiotics and managed to take a swab just in case. She is now sending me for a scan to see if it is something else like an ovarian cyst

Im hoping its just an infection and the antibiotics will clear it but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this type of pain and weeks after their procedure. 


Thank you  x