Infection 10 days after LLETZ, now 19 days and heavy bleeding/clotting

Hi :)

I had my first LLETZ 18 days ago, and bled fairly consistently following that, after which I had a normal (if slightly) heavy period.  I then had an infection 10 days after LLETZ.  But now at 18 days post LLETZ I have very heavy bleeding including clots and tummy cramps.  I'm wondering if this could be another infection or is this normal?

Also I am due to have a second LLETZ on the 25th March and I don't know if they can do the procedure if I'm still bleeding?  I've tried calling, but I think they operate clinics, so I'm struggling to get through.

Any help/suggestions gratefully received!



I carried on bleeding and having huge clots to the extent that I was going through a pad an hour and felt really really wobbly. So I called 111 and they sent an ambulance to take me to A&E. After blood/urine tests and pain relief I was transferred to the Gynae ward. They examined me and said the LLETZ wound had healed really well and the bleeding was coming from higher up which indicated my infection hadn't cleared up properly so I'm now on another 7 day course of antibiotics and bed rest today. 

I'm so glad I called 111, it was pretty scary and I lost a lot of blood, so I would definitely say if you're in doubt and have heavy bleeding, please call them!

P.s. the doctor told me they would still do the further LLETZ treatment even if you're bleeding FYI.

Hope you are recovering well lovely what a difficult time for you xx

Thank you Lemon Lavender, feeling pretty wiped out right now but bed rest is helping. Xx