incurable cervical cancer ...please contact need support

Hi everyone ,


New to this, my !MacMillan nurse told me about this site as not many people mention cervical cancer, its always breast.


I have been diagnosed for around 6-7 months now, done chemotherapy, now doing radiotherapy, I haven't really had any chance to speak to anyone my age (27)

So get in touch, just looking for support and advise really....someone on my 

Level xx 

Hello hunny, sorry to hear you have been diagnosed, I personally can't offer you any advice as I haven't been through what you have but I can promise you one thing, this forum is amazing!! Lots of ladies on here will be in your position and you can help each other through it, I'm 27 myself, a lot of ladies on here are around our age. I really hope you get the support you need from this forum and the fab ladies on it. I wish you all the best I really do xxx

Hi first of all I'm so sorry you were diagnosed. I'm not at the same level from the title of your post but I'm 26 and currently going through treatment. There are loads of women on here that have offered me invaluable support at one of the hardest times in my life. Loads of listening ears and great advice. Feel free to pm me if anything I could help with. Know this isn't much help but sure someone will respond soon and do a much better job :). Take care Charlene xx

Wow that was quick lol....thanks for your reply, feels like a breath of fresh air just to know ladies are of the same age !! This radiotherapy is a long hall and I just wanted to chat to people who know...thanks again for you're reply Xxx


Thanks to you as well Charlene...sorry to hear of both of your diagnosis as well....I am just making sure I have come to terms with the outcome and previously suffered with panic attacks which used to give me horrible thoughts, I don't have them as much but the horrible thoughts are there and need to just see how other ladies cope _xx

I'm not going through radiotherapy so can't offer much advice on that. I'm stage 1b2 adenocarcinoma and having chemotherapy at the moment. It's a great forum and it's so comforting when you find people who are going through it all too. Do you have more treatment to go? Xx

I have just had my 18th radiotherapy session...only seven to go...thank goodness!!! Its very tiring everyday so its getting me down !!

I have previously had chemotherapy six sessions (carboplatin, taxol and avastin) 

In October I am due two sessions of internal radiotherapy , can't wait to finish just wanna live my life for as 

Long as poss ,I know its all helping ....its just becoming harder each time...the most hard part is it took near

Y 12 months for the NHS to spot it all !!! Feel like I am being really ddepressing sorry lol I am usually up beat lol xx

I'm having the taxol combination just now. Nearly done hopefully. I'm glad the treatment is nearly over for you at least from what I've heard the radiotherapy is no easy task. The nhs have a lot to answer for with these things and given its a common csncer in our age group it's quite scary. Xx

Hi girls, im a similar age too (25) although not as advanced as either of you, but still very hard to deal with. Hope u are both doing well. I have my first check up in2weeks since diagnosis... eek! Xxx


I am so so sorry to hear your diagnosis, you have come to the right place. Lots of love and supportr coming your way. 

Just wondering if your nurse can recommend a local group for you where there might be others in the same boat?

Molly xxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for the replies ladies ....she said to have a look online for groups...I wanted to benefit more of getting to know or be friend a couple of people and try and be

As normal as possible.  Like days out etc.

Meet people on a personal level to share any worries or answer any questions.. here is a good place to start I think..only 6 radio's left I am getting so tired of it all now.

Have come to bed early...have took it out on the partner for being down so best to come to bed and forget...had lots of sickness and diarrhea. Also the worst taste in my mouth and I can smell everything almost like being pregnant lol , I love my food as well and just have no appetite or hunger ! Everything repulses me !! 

I am just desperate for treatment to end now...its taking over my life xxx 


Didn't want to read a run. Just want to say keep going, not many left now. Sounds like uve done most of it so chin up lady. Partners are there for the bad times, not just the good. Just make it up to him by going out for a lovely meal as soon as u get ur appetite back.

Much love. Let us know how u get on xxx


Hi Wilkie,

I am twice your age so I hope you don't mind me joining in ;-) I have done the 25 sessions of radiotherapy and I do know just how wearing it can be, and the diarrhoea just adds insult to injury. My radiotherapy was combined with 5 cycles of Cisplatin chemo, not too bad but an exhausting combination. I then went on to have two brachytherapies as well, same as you. I often pop in here to see if anybody wants a chat and when I'm not here there's a post I wrote to cheeer people up called "My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy" you might find some fun in there to put a smile on your face.

Be lucky


Hello wilki - I'm nearly twice your age but even still - our feelings & worries are all the same.  No matter what our ages we all fear this dreadful experience. You don't say what stage you are, except that it's incurable? It's an awful thought to get your head around - all the ladies on here will agree with that. Yet somehow we get on and do it. I think females ( and I don't care if I'm sexist on this one!) are so much stronger at dealing with things like this - we may have all the horrible thoughts & feel down but generally we get on with the treatments, unpleasant as they are.  Men, I think, are no good at being practical about what to do or how to get on with it -most of them need a woman to show them the way and that's just in life  for everyday things.  

So - give yourself a pat on the back for coming this far! I'm sure you couldn't see this far ahead when you were first diagnosed , but here you are - almost through treamtent.  Look forward to the very last session - it's such a good feeling to know that you've ran the race of your life.  Who truly knows or can predict what lies ahead of any of us no matter what our diagnosis. Take as much out of life as it will let you - that is how I have got on since I finished treatment last July. Every day is a gift. Keep on keeping on!  

Hi there. I was told a few months ago that I would not get better. I have had a radical hysterectomy, 6 weeks of radiotherapy and am now half way thro carbo/taxol/avastin chemo. 


Sorry, the iPad is playing up! I'm older than you but as the others have said we all have the same worries and lows, as well as hopefully positives to share. You are a strong lady to get this far. Just take each day as it comes and drop everything to enjoy the days when you are feeling good. Similarly if you are having a crap day get under the duvet and pamper yourself til it passes. There are lots of ladies here that will support you through whatever is included.

take care

lots of love