Increased risk of vaginal cancer due to hp virus

Hi I’m currently in hospital after undergoing a total hysterectomy on Thursday. I’m recovering well but have started to panic a little after reading articles on the internet. I was diasgnosused with stage 1b cervical cancer on 27th July just before I was emigrating to Thailand to start a new job. My husband and I have no children but decided to be completely free from the cancer a hysterectomy would be right for us as a couple. I am a carrier of the hp virus and have just read that it can also lead to vaginal cancer. I'm now panicking thinking that I will have to go through further surgery and in fact me thinking that it would be all over was a misjudgement. I’ve had my treatment in Thailand at a private hospital and they are great but I sometimes find it hard to explain to them my worries. Has anyone had any experience of vaginal cancer due to hpv after total hysterectomy. Thanking you in advance Emma

I had vaginal cancer 20 years after my treatment for a rare form of cervical cancer. However, I never had HPV-it was caused by the radiotherapy.

Vaginal cancer is extremely rare and linked most commonly  to HPV16.  I really think you have to put that worry out of your head. Literally Billions (no exaggeration) of women have HPV and only a tiny proportion develop vaginal cancer. 

Even in the rare event that  the worst comes to the worst...I am still here!

Karen x