Incorrect Biopsy Results


I'm new to the forum and I was hoping someone might be able to re-assure me a bit. I had my first smear test last november and the results came back saying I had HPVand minor dysplasia. I then had a colposcopy at the end of January where the doctor told me I definitely had CIN 2 and took two different punch biopsies just for 'formal confirmation'. I then changed my life radically (I panicked slightly) and gave up smoking, started drinking Green Tea and taking every single herbal remedy to improve my immune system as well as a daily Multi-vitamin. Four weeks later I received a letter telling me that the biopsy resuls came back as CIN 1 only and that I would need another Colposcopy in June. At my second Colposcopy the doctor (a different one) told me that she has no idea why my biopsy came back as that because I definitely have CIN 2 and possibly CIN 3 cells which are now covering half of my cervix. This doctor then took another two punch biopsies and sent them off. Another four weeks of waiting and I received a letter saying that the results came back as CIN 1 again but the doctor wasn't happy with them so she would bring up my case in their next meeting and let me know what they decide. Two weeks later I received a letter asking me to come in for a discussion on the 16th of September and to bring someone with me just in case I decide to have 'treatment' that day. I am very grateful that the doctors are not going to let me sit here and worry for another 6 months but what concerns me is that if my biopsy results keep coming back with incorrect results how incorrect are these results? Could I have cancer and the tests not be picking it up for some reason?

Has anyone else had completely different results from the doctors, the biopsies and their treatment?


my experience is the not the same as yours, but I have been driven mad by ANY waiting so I wanted to send you hugs!

I would think that any treatment they do on the 16th would just be something a bit more substantial than a punch biopsy, to allow them to analyse a larger sample. That might be a loop? I'm not sure as going straight to,cone biopsy, but I think they would give you more warning about a cone.

please don't worry about the cancer, if your consultant hasn't mentioned it, it is unlikely to be something she's worried about, and it sounds like she is not afraid to tell it as it is.

take care, all the best for the 16th, Molly 

Thanks Molly! I honestly think the waiting is the worst part, well that and the ability to google! I have banned myself from anything other than this site for now and my stress levels seem to have come down so I think I may be my own worse enemy. From what the consultant previously said I think I might have a Lletz procedure on the 16th so it shouldn't be too bad. Thank you for the reassurance and hugs! All the best for your cone biopsy too!