Inconclusive Results

My cervix has my obgyn confused.


May 2015 - LSIL on pap (first abnormal pap)

Repeat Pap in 6 months Nov 2015 -  ASCUS on pap

Follow up with Colposcopy/Pap in Feb 2016 - colposcopy is negative/clear,  Pap now HSIL

Repeat Colposcopy/Pap in 6 months - August 2016 - same results:  colpo negative/clear, Pap still HSIL

Decide to go ahead with LEEP cone plus top hat  - Nov 2016

LEEP - results received Jan 2017 - fully negative/clear

Based on my age (29, no children) and discussions with a gyn-oncologists, repeated Pap in 6 months - which was today (June 2017)


Waiting on results. Anyone ever experience this?

Any ideas of what the next step should be? It's been 2 years of waiting


Came back LSIL :(  Talk about Deja Vu.