Inconclusive results twice!

Hi I had some bleeding that suddenly started happening I also experienced pain during sex which had not happened before, I ignored the symptoms for a while however before I got a new partner I decided to get checked out and have a full std check, the nurse looked at my cervix and said there was alot of blood there and that they would do a smear test I was worried for two weeks and was relieved to see they had arrived (the results) however they were inconclusive, in the mean time the bleeding I had before had stopped. I was told I would have to wait 3 months for another test I think it had been about two months maybe 2 and a half months that I was sent a letter inviting me for another smear test therefore I assumed all was ok to have another one I had to rearrange my work hours to go and have it the nurse said they everything looked alot better there wasn't as much blood as before and they should be able to get a result. However now I have received my second result and once again they are inconclusive! I feel really frustrated as its how another 3 months until I can have the test then two weeks to wait for the results. And another 3 months of me worrying as I worry alot anyway and I have not felt comfortable having sex since this started therefore I lost my partner and don't really want a new one as I know it would always be in the back of my mind! I also am struggling with guilt I feel guilty because there are women out there who actually do have cancer and in some cases it can be terminal and here's me moaning just cause if smear test results! I just find the whole thing very disappointing and frustrating I did not think it would affect my life as much as I have I don't feel comfortable enough to get close to someone and as a 21 year old It would be nice if I had someone! Alot of people have told me not to worry but I do it will have been 7 months all together including tests and waiting for results until I get an answer and that's only if the next test comes back with a result! I feel very frustrated confused and generally disappointed I know they cannot force a result to appear but to have to wait this long is upsetting. And as I said I also feel like a mean person because there are people who actually have cancer! I would assume this has happened to other women can anyone give me advice or even just a chat! Thank you! 

Hello hun, although the same hasn't happened to me - I didn't want you to feel alone as it has happened with many other women before! Usually if there is any blood, it can come back inconclusive as the blood can mess the test up. However, have you asked them how you go about this as having not only one but two inconclusive results is as frustrating as it sounds. What info have they given you, if any? I can completely understand your frustration so I know the natural thing to do is worry, but try not to worry hun! If the nurse that performed your second smear said everything looked better, then you should be speaking to her and asking her to do another smear as you're really not happy with same results twice, when in actual fact they're not even results at all. Speak to the nurse hun, make sure you demand another smear test as annoying as it is to have to go through the whole thing again and the waiting for the results which is by far the worst part. But they must be able to come up with a result and not just leave it. Also, don't feel guilty about coming here to talk about your problems - everyone has their own worries and questions and all the ladies on here are really understanding and lovely and no one will think anything at all! No matter how big or small, never feel guilty.. This is a place to come for support :) get on the phone to your nurse hun! Let me know how it goes x