Incomplete Excision??


Hello all, I'm new to this forum but have been reading all of your posts and have found them very helpful!

I had my first smear test on the 06/04/2017 at 25 years old and my results showed severe dyskaryosis and therefore a follow up appointment was made for me at the hospital to see a colposcopist.

I had the lletz treatment there and then as she said that she could see that I had high grade CIN and a biopsy needed to be taken.

Today I received my letter with the results from my biopsy and confused is an understatement! The results show CIN 3 incomplete excision and the follow up is a Cytology in 6 months at the hospital. What does this mean? What does incomplete excision mean? am I going to have to go back the lletz treatment again?? (I sure hope not!) Also, why would my follow up appointment be at the hospital instead of a normal smear at the doctors? I'm just so confused and it's typical that I should receive my letter on a Saturday when I can't ring them until Monday :( 

Thanks in advance for any advice given.

From my limited experience it all depends on extent of the incomplete excision... Ie they probably got no clear margins (healthy tissue) and just want to be safe and see whether you need more treatment in 6months. I only had one external unclear margin so consultant was happy for me to have smear at gp surgery. He said the diathermy will hopefully have sorted the unclear edge. He also said that sometimes the lletz actually causes a immune response in your body which helps get rid of hpv. It did in my case :-)

its going to be hard waiting, but try and remain positive xx