incomplete Colposcopy

Hi so glad i found this site.
I recently had smear test which came back as low grade dyskariosis with HPV virus.
I went for colposcopy yesterday and they was unable to see my cervix, due to menopause, they did have a poke at it which was painful on the left side.They also told me the cells were pre cancerous. I have to go back in 6 months and have to have estorgen for 2 months before the appointment.
Does anyone know what happens if they still can not see the cervix.
Finding it all confusing.

Hi there

I have read posts on here from people who apparently have a cervix that is awkward to access, tilted or otherwise tricky to reach. I believe that if they still have pre-cancerous cells showing up and they still can't access your cervix without causing you discomfort, they will probably treat you under general anaesthetic. I guess this allows them to 'fish around' a bit more in order to gain access, without causing the discomfort or loss of dignity that might involve if you were awake at the time!