Inadiquate result after 6 month test of cure.

Hi I recently went for my test of cure after being treated for CIN3. My results came back as inadequate, has anyone else had this? I’m so frustrated as I have to wait another 3 months to be tested again and I get married in 3 months so will have to probably wait even longer to get the tested. Thought the waiting would be over :frowning:


I had Lletz for CIN3 in July last year - at my six month check a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a normal result and no HPV infection, but I was told by my GP beforehand that it is normal to have an inadequate or borderline test after 6 months as it is not always long enough for the cells to sort themselves out after treatment.  Also, inadequate often means that the smear sample just wasn't good enough, rather than there being anything wrong.

So easier said than done I know but try to relax and enjoy your wedding.

Did they also test you for HPV do you know as they should do this after treatment at your test of cure?  If this was negative I doubt you have anything to worry about at all

Best of luck