Inadequate smear

Hiya, I went for a smear test in April and the result came back as inadequate so I have to go for another one at the end of July. I was wondering how many times does it have to come back as inadequate before they send me for a colposcopy? or can I ask the nurse to put me forward for one any way? Could someone please give me some advice 

Hi Beckster79,

I didnt want to read and run. I had an inadequate smear in February this year and it was my repeat smear after having an abnormal one. However it was purely inadequate because the nurse didn't collect enough cells when she did the smear. So they weren't able to get an accurate result for me...I had to have the smear done again.

I hope this helps x

Thank you for your reply. I just hope the one in July comes back okay so im not going round in circles with it