Inadequate smear....worried about other symptoms

Hi all, 


I am posting on the off chance that anyone has had similar symptoms to what I’m having a the moment - it’s a bit of a story so will try and keep it brief. 


After returning from a holiday I started to notice my discharge had increased and had become more of a yellowy colour, with no odour. My first smear (I’m 25) was booked in a couple of weeks so I decided to wait it out and have that done first. 

Luckily I didn’t find it too uncomfortable although did feel the nurse was a bit rough. She struggled to find my cervix but finally did and was able to take the smear. I did also bleed a bit and then spotted for a few days after. 

Anyway the results came back inadequate and it made me think if I had an infection so it made the results unreadable. 

Since then I’ve had STI tests (new it wasn’t that as been with my partner for 3 years) and swabs for thrush and BV but all coming back negative. But I’m still getting an excessive yellowish mucus like discharge with no other symptoms. 

My next smear is booked in for end of October, but I feel that’s quite long to wait if something is wrong. 

Anyone have any advice?