inadequate smear on year check up

Has anyone had an inadequate smear result?? I am worries sick. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 1b last year and had a radical trachelectomy Last Oct. Since then I have had a few problems with bleeding, my constant said its not fully healed and has tried a few things to stop it the bleeding witch hasn’t worked. I have now had a inadequate smear results and am worried sick has anyone had one? Is this normal?? I am going to have it repeated in a few months. Xxx

Hi Katie,


no, I haven't been in this situation, but I did want to reach out and say hi and stay positive. xx

I haven't been in that situation, but my consultant at my 6 month check up did say that there was a high possibility that the sample would be inadequate as I had a lot of scar tissue and he struggled to get to the cells he needed. I was lucky that he managed to get enough. you should be invited back for them to repeat the sample,  it may have happened because you haven't fully healed, or you may have scar tissue like me. if your concerned give them a ring, your consultant would have had a good look when he took the initial sample abd would have said then if they were concerned about anything. 

Thanks for information that's put my mind at easy a bit. Still waiting to get my smear repeated. Xx