Inadequate HPV test after colopscopy

Dear All

First of all, a massive thanks to all the women on this site, who have helped me through the past months. I wish you all really well.

I was treated with LLETZ for severe (CIN3) in January. I was, thankfully, told that it had all been

removed and that the margins were clear and so then was sent into the 6-month checkup cycle.

I just had my 6-months-later smear test and the cervical screening result was normal. Phew! But they say that the HPV test result

was 'inadequate'.

Is there anyone else on this forum who has had this? What might it mean? My google researches aren't producing much, while my

imagination is thinking up all sorts of scenarios.

Rowan xx


Hi Rowan,

So glad to hear you have positive news to share :) though I'm afraid I can't advise you, you could phone the gynae department and ask for an explanation? One thing I've learned is to be pushy and ask questions! You can also ask a medical professional on here, look for the link on the homepage. You may wait some days for a response though, so if I were you I'd go with the first suggestion! Let us know how you get on,

Mandy xx

Many thanks for your reply, Mandy. The letter tells me to contact my GP and I am going in to see her on Thursday on another matter so will see if she can help. But you are right about badgering them! After I got my letter about the severe dyskaryosis, I had to virtually stalk the hospital to get an appointment and was only just in their four-week window. 

Am obviously so pleased that the smear was normal, though. I hope you are doing well too. 


Rowan x

Hi Rowan, 

How did it go with your GP today? I'm not bad thanks, just in limbo-land waiting for my 3 month scan *drums fingers impatiently on table :) 

Mandy xx

Hi Mandy. Sorry, hadn't logged in for ages.

My GP didn't really know what the answer was, but said that the fact that the smear was normal was very good. I'm just hoping that they can tell me at the next test - in October - as my imagination is over-active!

How was your check-up? Sending you lots of good wishes.

Rowan x