Inaccurate smear result after colposcopy

Hey everyone, just wondering if any of you have had a similar experience… I went for my first colposcopy yesterday after being diagnosed with high grade dyskaryosis. The colposcopist thought that my smear result should have been low grade after doing her examinations but took punch biopsies of two suspect areas. The whole experience wasn’t too bad. More uncomfortable than painful. The worst part was when the bleeding after the biopsies were taken had to be stemmed with silver nitrate sticks. Anyway… Has anyone else had a possible inaccurate smear result? I have pretty mixed feelings about all of this. Thanks :slight_smile:

I had a clear smear taken at my colposcopy when the biopsies showed cin1 and a small area of cin2. my consultant explained it does sometimes happen as the smear tests are not as accurate. doesn't help with my nerves to think when we do my test of cure in 6 months wether to believe it or not

Thanks for replying Blinky123. I guess no test is 100% accurate. I should know, I'm a scientist! I take it you had treatment for your CIN2? I hope that went well. Try not to worry about the reliability of your all clear smear. I've seen that treatment is pretty much successful every time which should put some confidence into your all clear which I hope you get!