In the hope of giving some reasurrance!!!

Hi just wanted to write this to give people a little reassurance!!

Having put my first smear test off for a month i decided i really should make the appointment attended 9/12/13 all seemed to go well nurse very friendly said i would hear back within about 2 weeks. 20/12/13 got my results (having just got back from my daughters nativity) letter said 'high grade dyskaryosis' and that it 'probably wasn't cancer' in the next sentence. The panic set in almost immedientely; searched the internet first thing that come up was cervical cancer never been so scared in my life. Rang the number given on letter but they said they hadn't recieved my referral. That night i didn't sleep well at all, next morning recieved a letter from York hospital (im from Leeds) asking me to ring to book a coloscopy, did this however they told me they were unable to make an appointment as they didnt have any before i was meant to be seen (mid jan) so they would give me a ring when they had shuffled around a few clincs etc. Christmas was a bit of a daze trying to put a happy front on for my children/and family not wanting to let people know my true feelings (all i wanted to do was cry). Finally got a call saying appointment had been made on the 17/1/14 (3 WEEKS time!!!) i was horrified managed to get through the hardest 3 weeks fearing the worst, (thinking of ways i would brake the news to my family and friends, upset at the thought i may not see my babies grow up) I was constantly googling dyskaryosis, cancer etc. 17/1 came went to my appoitment the dr was lovely very professional and helped put me at ease, he said that it looked like it was consistant with my smear and i would need the lletz, this was carried out there and then there was a slight pain as the local anasthetic was given but apart from that was fine (the whole procedure was no longer than 15 mins) was told results would be back in 2-3 weeks! Felt relieved that day however couldnt help myself and started googling again and scared myself sick again! everyday seemed like a year, running to the door when i heard the post, jumping when the phone rang. Finally got the all clear today (recieved a phone call from my GP telling me they would see me in 6 months time). 


Can honestly say i have never been so scared in my life!!! The only thing that has kept me sane is this site and hearing the positive stories etc!!

(sorry to have waffled on) x



Its always so uplifting to hear when someone gets good news. All you ladies waiting on results try to think positive because quite often it IS good news.

I know what you mean the positive stories really are uplifting! Im sorry to hear your diagnosis and i wish you all the best in your treatment and recovery! :) x