In person support groups - west midlands

Hi Everyone,

I really want to try and find some support networks and groups in person - does anyone have any recommendations for the West Midlands at all?

I’m 4 months post total abdominal hysterectomy, ovaries and lymph nodes all removed.

But now, I’m starting to really struggle. I think everything is catching up on me and really starting to struggle with menopause - trial and error with HRT so far and not right yet. I feel on edge all of the time and just don’t feel like I want to talk to my immediate friends and family because I don’t want to bring them down and ultimately they can’t really empathise or understand - which is out of their control.

I’m starting to cry, a lot, feel unsettled all the time and my heart is wrenching looking at other women that are pregnant knowing that will never happen again. I’m beyond fortunate to have my little girl after my own complications, but had wished for more children.

I’ve pushed through this and been in autopilot now for so long that I’m starting to crack and I just really feel like I need somewhere to turn.

Hi @Nicola15

I had radical hysterectomy in august everything removed. I am also struggling at the moment, I am on hrt but could burst into tears at any time.

I am from birmingham but dont knw of any local support groups.