In need of more information

Ok so I had a Pap test and got an abnormal result, was told I had a high grade squamous intraepatherial lesion and CIN2/CIN3 I then had a colposcopy and the results were CIN 2 I was then booked for the LLETZ surgery straight after I had a sore throat from the breathing tube used when I was put under bleefing and dull cramps I’m still bleeding now with cramps clots heavy discharge ect haven’t used tampons had sex or had a bath took all my antibiotics like I was told in 2 days it will have been 3 weeks and I go back to see my gyno im hoping for a good result i was just wondering what results people got after their LLETZ for CIN2? Also wondering what happens now do I have more frequent Pap tests or continue as if nothing happened?

Yes you will have paps twice a year for a cuple of years, as long as they are normal.

I have very similar situation but I wonder why my doc did not give me antibiotics. I'm week after and I noticed some spotting but no heavy bleeding. I felt bloated and had some pain, different than cramps, so just took asirin every day.

I can't wait to see my doc, they say LLETZ is 90% successfull.

Oh ok so like every 6 months? Did you have the LLETZ with a general or local? I've been given antibiotics after every surgery I've ever had I think you should have been given them too I did it strange you weren't if I were you it's definitely something I'd ask the doctor about I have thankfully stopped bleeding now 3 weeks and a day after just some brown and clear discharge an yeah I can't wait to see my doctor either she messed up the appointment times so I won't see her till the 8th where I think she will do another colposcopy but without the biopsy though I'm not sure im just eager to have my questions answered like why the surgery took longer than it should have and what the scarring is like the whole thing kind of freaks me out because my mum had the lletz and years later was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had we cervix removed but also because my nan is the only woman in my fami lily in the generations above mine that lived past 30 years old with her reproductive organs the rest have had total hysterectomies