In need of inspiration!!! Possibly Stage3

Up until recently I’ve been positive and upbeat and determined to beat this thing. This last week I’ve had wave after wave of bad news that’s knocked me down. I refuse to let this drag me down. I was currently diagnosed as stage 1 but as there’s now a difference of opinion and the possibility of me being Stage 3 depending on lymph node results after hysterectomy. Right now I need to hear success stories to help me fight this, to give me the drive I know that is still within me. Xx

Hi Hon...have a look at the information section on this site. Stage 3 is when there is cancer in the lower part of the vagina. Lymph nodes have very little to do with the staging. I would take it as a positive that they are still wanting to do surgery, as usually anything over a one b2, they go straight to radio. Positive lymph nodes would mean extra treatment after surgery. I would ask your team why they think it is a stage 3. Much love and luck xxx

Hi Ren

I was originally staged as 1A2, then restaged as 1B1 after my MRI and EUA. I opted for  hysterectomy- although was told I could have an alternative op if I wanted to preserve my fertility. In addition, they said to me that my lymph nodes would be removed and tested. I was told 1 lymph node was "allowed" to have cancer, any more though and I would require a "short burst" (consultant's words) of Chemo Radiotherapy - but the cancer was still entirely treatable. I would question why they think you would jump to stage 3. I found my macmillan nurse was really useful at answering questions like that. Maybe give her a call. Stay positive xxx

Hi Lauren,

So sorry to hear you have had the rug pulled out from under your feet like this
To the best of my understanding if your cancer has reached your lymph nodes it is still very treatable with chemo radiation. I know that the prospect of that treatment is a bit much to think about when you are still pre-surgery so try not to think about it. At the moment you should try to focus on your forthcoming surgery and not beyond. Even though I was a 2b with no lymph node involvement it was recommended that I have chemo, radio and brachy therapies following my radical hysterectomy. That was four years ago and I have had no trouble since. This disease IS curable even from stage 4 so don't roll over just yet.

Rooting for you Lauren!

I like the sound of that last bit tivoli.curable frim stage 4.

Lauren, this page is a godsend x 

Thinking of you 

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Hi Ren, 

I was diagnosed as a stage 3 with lymph involvement in June last year. I have had no surgery, as it was not an option for me. At my meeting with my oncologist before treatment she told me it was curable with just chemo radiation and brachytherapy.  I struggled to believe it as my way of thinking was that it needed to be removed to be gone. 

How wrong I was!! At my 3 month follow up in December we saw for the first time before and after scan images. The 6cm tumour that was my stage 3 is now no more than fibrosis (scar tissue) from treatment and the mri team reported no residual tumour. 

There are many more stories with great outcomes to help keep you positive.

Lots of  hugs, positive thinking and best wishes coming your way xx

Erin that's so good to hear  we need more positive stories

Thank you for all your replies. Erin I needed to read your reply more now than ever so thank you. I’m an emotional wreck right now. I have my hysterectomy booked for Thursday, which I’ve come to terms with and feel happy that finally something is being done. It’s the 2 weeks of waiting for results that I’m dreading. I’m sick with stress and have increasing pelvic pain and backache which is doing me no favours alongside with my imagination. I’ve searched for stage 3 success stories and lymph node involvement and my hope seems to be fading with the lack of success stories. So thank you to everyone who has replied as I’ve needed it more than ever x