In lots of discomfort down there. What's wrong with me

Hi, this is my first post on here, I'm worried about symptoms I'm having and wondering if anyone has had the same. I had llets last Thursday and have had hardly any cramping and only a little bleeding but I have had a horrible feeling of being swollen inside my vagina. It feels as if my cervix is swollen. I can feel it all the time and is at its worst when I'm laying down, its so bad I can't sleep. I'm really worried it might be a prolapse. Any feedback would be great.  I'm really worried,  feel very emotional :( xx

Why not go to the doctors just to put ur mind at rest honey? I'm sure it's all normal its been through a lot after all, but if you're worrying then go and speak to someone that knows for sure x

I agree with harri1234, if you're concerned about symptoms then either call or pop into your GP / practice nurse to see what they think. I was being stubborn and didn't want to go to my GP despite feeling terrible after my second LLETZ (it turned out I had an infection and was put on penicillin). I suspect the symptoms will vary from person to person but generally I've felt more of an overcrowding, pulling feeling (if that makes sense!) rather than cramps after both procedures. xx  

Thanks for your comments. I completely understand what you mean about the overcrowding that about sums up how I feel but I do have some stinging aswell. I went to the doctor who wasn't very helpful but did give me pain killers. Hopefully it's just swelling and will get better with time xx