In hospital : (

Hi all,

So I am currently in Hospital with some kind of virus thst is raising my temp to over 40 and causing uncontrollable shivering as well as hsving horrid back and hip pain and cramps.

Has anyone else experienced a severe reaction to a virus or unknown infection as Ive never had this before?!


Oh Rhea I am so sorry to read this! It must be very scary for you! However, in hospital you are under the noses of the doctors so you will be treated much more thoroughly than you would as an outpatient. I hope you are being made as comfortable as possible and that you get past this nasty hurdle quickly. To the very best of my knowledge this is NOT a symptom of cancer so try to worry a bit less about that.

Be lucky :-)

Hi there

i do hope you feel better soon. Sending big big virtual hugs your way. 


Thanks lolli888!

Tivoli thats good to hear. think my body has had enough with what seems like a year of illness as i had hyperemesis with son, became hypothyroid, started bleeding, had sectton and now here i am.

Positive side they are organising my ct scan for today or tomorrow, trying to chase up biopsy results and sort out my back, hip and groin pain as codeine and paracetamol no longer touches it. Gonna feel so stupid if the mass turns out to be benign and I have wasted everyones time and got myself all worried over nothing : s although that would obviously be preferable to the other option! xxx

I'm in the hospital with the same thing! Just got diagnosed today with advanced cancer. I've been here for 4 days :(

Should mention I also have an infection because my immune is low. 

I am so sorry you are going through this too. what have you been diagnosed with Jenna? Have they found source of infection? Hope you are feeking better soon xxx

Cc 2b there not sure if it's an infection anymore or just the cancer

Snap. Maybe our bodys just react this way to the malignancy : (  

How you feeling now? xx