In agony from biopsy

I had colposcopy yesterday and they took some biopsies and told me to expect period pains but today im in absolute agony it is worse than period pains. Did anyone else have this? Just want to make sure its normal

Hi Sarah,

I think it's relatively normal but everyone is different. In your shoes I'd call the doctor for some real medical advice.

Be lucky


Hi Sarah,

 I had mine yesterday, had the Lletz thing. My pain is more period cramps and a hot water bottle is helping. Maybe give your gp a call just to check. 

 Hope you feel better soon X 

I suffered badly. I have bad period pain with no underlying cause anyway which never helps :/ I had a hot water bottle and cocodamol which helped a bit...still suffered at times but it will get better. Maybe have a word with your GP to be safe

I had pain - but I wouldn't say agony just over biopsys. unless you had biopsys and lletz together? In that case I had lots of pain after lletz. Infact it turned out to be an infection! Call your gp or where you had it done if you are unsure about anything!