Immunotherapy & CC

I was recently diagnosed with cc, and am now getting around to telling those closest to me.  One friend suggested immotherapy drugs.  I have not found much on it in regards to cc.  I have to admit, reading about the side effects of cisplatin makes me so fearful.  Is immunotherapy used to treat cc?  Or is it only used in medical trials?


Immunotherapy is currently used in trials only in the U.K. 

I had cisplatin with no side effects and many others have as well.

See what the doctors suggest and have faith that they will devise a treatment plan specifically for you.

Cara xx

Thanks, Cara!  

Hi dog lover.

When I was diagnosed just under 2 years ago, my friend started telling me all these different things I could try - everything from drug trials to cannabis oil. I put my faith in the Dr's and the treatment they gave me did the job! 

I have the chemo radiation. 20 doses of radiotherapy,  4 doses of cisplatin and 2, 18 hour sessions of brachytherapy. All of eat was far easier than I hoped it would be and thankfully I have no real side effects. I did do a daily blog called finally started treatment. If you want to read it, click on my name and scroll through the many posts I have written. It'll hopefully put your mind a bit at ease. I was able to drive myself there and back to the hospital daily, and live a bit normally at home - my issues were emotional not physical. 

Side effects are things that MAY happen, not WILL happen.

I most definitely will read your blog!  Thank you so much.  I actually was worried about who will drive me to the hospital for treatments.  It is funny the things you worry about.