Imminent radiotherapy/brachy

Hi. I had hysterectomy on 5thDec (preventative for Lynch Syndrome 2 and also odd bleeding), on the Sunday I was rushed to a n e with two pulmonary embolisms then was told on the tues they found womb and cervical cancer there are cells going towards my lymph nodes so start radiotherapy and brachytherapy soon for 6 weeks. I feel up n down. I’m 48 and this gene defect will get me one day I guess. Can anyone please tell me… is radiotherapy really going to floor me?? Will my sex life be over??? Thanks. Worried.


Sorry to hear you are going through it at the moment. I had chemo and radiotherapy following a radical hysterectomy, as it had spread to lymph nodes. My treatment began 6 weeks after the hysterectomy, so I was still recovering from the operation. I was 57 when this happened and I did feel pretty tired with the treatment, but got through it with the help of family and friends. It seems to affect people differently, so you may get through it with few side effects. The first three weeks were pretty ok but then diarrhoea sets in and tiredness, so you may need to adjust your life to accommodate this. As for having a sex life afterwards, no it doesn't mean it is over. You will be given dilators to use post treatment, which help to keep the vagina open, as radio can cause scarring and adhesions, but many people get back to a sex life again. I found that lack of desire to be more of a problem, but that is a complicated issue and wrapped up with the menopause too. So don't get panicked about it. Stay on the site as we are a bunch of supportive women who really do understand what you are going through. All the very best for your treatment. X

Hi :-)

Just to agree with Rachel on all points. My chemo-radiotherapy came ten weeks after my hysterectomy so I had made a full recovery. I was 50 years old. The cancer had not reached my lymph nodes but the chemo-rads was precautionary because my tumour had turned out to be larger than anticipated during surgery. The only significant ill-effects I had from the treatment were fatigue and diarrhoea. As long as you use the dilators your sex life shouldn't be affected.

Be lucky :-)


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

I had my last radation today and I had no fatigue at all. I don't know if it an age thing im 24 but I had little to no side effect through out my radation and chemo. I've yet to have brachy done. But I do think treatment effects everyone differently. Staying positive does help as the nurses and doctors said my attitude had something to do with it. I refused from the minute I was diagonised to let cancer define me. You can do this  you're going to do great