I'm so worried (children mentioned)

hi everyone I've recieved my smear results today which were low grade dyskaryosis with hpv infection present.

i had a smear 4 years ago with same result then again 2 years ago which frightened me so I didnt return for my 6mth recall

but recently decided to brave it and have it done and now these results have got me terrified...I'm 36 with children and a new grandchild im sooo scared xx


Try not to worry. I know it's difficult but this is more common than you think and I'm sure you are going to be ok. Treatment is very effective and besides with cin 1 often they don't even do treatment just monitor it as often it goes away on its own. Good luck x

Hey thanks for that I cNt help but worry if I've had this problem for 4 years maybe it's not going to go away by itself...anyway I'm awaiting an appointment for a colposcopy so hopefully

wont have to sit worrying much longer xx

try not to worry, I hadnt been for a smear for 7 years and mine came back as sevre dyskaryosis, i had my colposcopy yesterday after 2 weeks of worrying.  My doctor said that dyskaryosiis is not cancer and most of the time never turns into cancer it is a pre cancer.  in most cases of mild dyskaryosis it goes back to normal on its own, higher grades can be treated, which mine was.  Thhey do it at the same time it doesnt hurt if  you have to have treaatment at the time, but it is hurting me now the day after, just taking it easy and taking pain killeers and its not so bad.  So like I said try not to worry, one thing youll find is it is more common than you realise.  As  for HPV my doctor again said everyone who is sexually active has this, but if you are run down, stressed etc this is when it starts to affect you and this is when cell chnges occurs.