I'm so down in the dumps with this...

Hi everyone

I'm sorry to bother you all but I'm feeling rather alone right now, I don't want to bring my husband and family down with my worries so I am venting them here. Hope you can help...

In October, my sister found out she had adenocarcinoma at 37 weeks pregnant. She had her baby delivered by emergency c-section (he's great thankfully) and then she had a radical hysterectomy. Thankfully all the cancer was within the parts they took, and all her lymph nodes were clear.

Obviously this was pretty traumatic for her and for us. I had been suffering vaginal bleeding after going for a number two (sorry tmi) and figured in light of what had happened to my sister, I would ask to get an early smear. It came back with severe dyskariosis (think I've spelled that right), so on November 22, I had a colposcopy and lletz treatment. It was horrendous - the anaesthetic didn't go all the way round and the doc kept hitting the part I could feel.. It took ages to stop the bleeding.

I had discharge for a week, then it seemed to stop. And then the bleeding came. It's been nine days now. After six the clots began so I went to the doc and he gave me antibiotic cream to put up there at night. It seems to be stopping some of the bleeding but it's not working completely four days into a week course.

So my worry is, should I expect this bleeding to continue? It's making me so miserable. I have all the aches and pains of a period, and I'm constantly tired and drained.

Any advice gratefully received, I need some comfort :(

Oh Clare you have had a rubbish time :( You are in the best place for some support and comfort. I felt shattered after my LLETZ for a good few weeks - I'd been going to the gym 2 - 3 times a week and doing Zumba once a week but after the LLETZ I didn't feel like doing anything and would just come home and lie on the sofa. I also seemed to bleed/discharge more after I exercised (and by exercised I mean trotted up the stairs at work!) which freaked me out so I just didn't do anything for the whole 6 week recovery period.

I was just like you - nothing for about a week and I was thinking 'well if a bit of funny discharge is all I'm going to get this isnt too bad!' Silly me! About a week after my procedure I started bleeding, had some clots, then (possibly too much info) a scab which almost made me sick, and then bleeding for about two or three weeks I think (worse when I did things like forget myself and dared to jog up the stairs lol) the blood stained discharge right up until mid-way through week 5 (by this point I thought it would never end and I'd be wearing granny pants and pads forever!) 

If you're really worried call the clinic where you had your treatment or go back to your GP (although the clinic may have a better understanding of your problem) I can't tell you how many times I nearly called them, but then it'd get a bit better and I whimped out. 

You've been throught a really stressful and traumatic time so your body (and mind) will take a while to recover so take it easy and (easier said than done I know) but try and relax - positive thoughts all the way :) x x x x 

Thanks so much, It's nice to know I am not alone - sorry you've had to put up with the same though! I just don't know what's normal.Think I will give clinic a call Monday if no improvement. I'm a runner and I was originally told not to for one to two weeks. Now into three weeks! It's depressing :(

I know what you mean! I was trying to get into running when everything kicked off and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Getting back into it now though :) my aim is to be able to run 5k without stopping and then I'll think about doing something sponsored like a race for life or something similar (none of my friends/family will believe it!) 

Let us know how you get on on Monday - even if they just tell you everyone is different and heals in different ways at least you'll feel more reassured - it's hard when you can't speak to anyone about it because they've not been through it - feel free to PM me anytime if you want a rant or a chat :) x x x

That's really kind becky, thanks so much. I wish I knew what the results were...came home yesterday to a brown envelope and my heart skipped a beat. It was from the NHS it it was a questionnaire about something else! Doc said he would write to me in three to four weeks, so I guess I'll hear any time now. Is that the standard waiting time?

Thanks for replying, I'm on day 5 of a course of antibiotic cream which I have to puthereby there" before bed. It's not pleasant...

Hi Clare,

3 - 4 weeks is the time I was told for my results, and I got them in 3 weeks and 2 days (imprinted into my memory lol) that is a mean trick of then NHS to send a survey out when you're expecting results! (they probably don't know, but still I can imagine how you felt!) fingers crossed for you :)

Sorry to hear about your infection! It can't be nice having to use creams etc when you're still recovering! Imaginary hugs and chocolates coming your way! x

Well I've just had my letter - it was CIN III but they got I lt all!!'



Soooooooo happy! 

Woooooop! Congratulations!!! x