I'm so angry

Hi Ladies,

so a brief background on me January 2014 I had my regular smear test came back high grade changes, had a colposcopy and LLETZ procedure, August 2014 had a 6 month smear check up results normal but yearly tests needed.

August 2015 I go for my yearly smear and was told the results could be up to 2 weeks. 2 weeks today and still nothing so my husband (due to my anxiety issues) called the GP to find out what the delay was. After 20 minutes on hold he was told the department my smear test was sent to had disregarded my smear due to them thinking I had no need for one for another 2 years!!! I mean what!!! The GP confirmed a letter was sent with mine confirming that I am now to be tested yearly and yet they still didn't query it just disregarded my test without even checking!

i now have to go back...

i have booked a private smear test tomorrow in London and wIll have the results by Tuesday but this has done nothing to ease my anxiety!!!


Sorry you've had to go through that it's completely unacceptable and these things are hard enough as it is! All the best with it xxx