Im sick of hearing ur so young 4 this

Grrr just  need  to rant  everyone  mentions im so young 4 cerivcal  just  seems  to be really  winding me up today esp  when my new boss said it today i just fed  up of hearing it i just  say  yes  but it will make  me stronger  x

Hi Helpme. I'm sure there are days where we all get wound up. I think it's part of the stress of coping with cervical cancer. Actually from what I've read it is normally a younger womans illness ? In which case I should be hearing.. Aren't you a bit old for this !

Sending hugs and positivity xx

Thanks  just  get it  so much  I get stressed i no it sounds  silly x

I can relate to this, it's all I get everywhere I go when I see people I know, yes I'm 32 with a 2 year old and a 5 year old and yes it crap being in this position but there are ladies younger than me dealing with this, it doesn't matter the age it still has the same impact, I think people just instantly respond with pity as they don't know what else to do or say, chin up lovely you've done awesome, just smile and and move on with the conversation that's all I do. Xx

Thanks  hun  im 28 glad  im not the only one i have  a daughter of 10 n step daughters  of 8 twins xx

Just a thought, ? Perhaps you young ladies can turn this into a positive step and make sure that the people commenting know that this affects the younger generation and suggest that they either don't ignore symptoms or tell their young female friends too ?

I think anything anyone says re our situation will be wrong. I didn't tell many people because of this!

Thanks  ladies i do often  post  cerivcal cancer reminders  on my wall but at min not got much  faith  with smears  as mine  was onli done  2 n half  yrs  before  i was  diagnosed x


totally understand how you feel you'll learn to shrug it off in time but at the beginning if your anything like me you'd probably want to yell at them but just smile and let it go over your head 

great advice from soozeh maybe you young ladies could get the message across somehow 

Onwards and upwards 

love Michelle 

I'm  so thankful  for u lovely  ladies 

I was 26 when I waa diagnosed and remember this well, people just struggle with what to say I think xx

You could be right   Charlene maybe. I'm just  over  sensitive 

I'm 24 and on week 4 of chemo and radiation :)

Totally get where you are coming from. I've had a few ' yes but you look really well' and ' does it run in the family, then?' - well no but would it make it better if it did!?

I think people struggle with what to say and it comes out wrong! ;-)