im scared (pregnancy mentioned)

Im 15 weeks pregnant with twins and it was through IVF, but ive passed my second (medium) blood clot, 4 weeks after my first one. Ive had bleeding with it. Im scared ive got cervical cancer, but they wont test me because im pregnant, I had a high vaginal swab done at the Early pregnancy Assessment Clinic, She said something about the entrance to my cervix, I think she could see a bleed or something. I go to see a Consultant on 5th December, I was going to tell her about the blood clots and the bleeds. I feel like pain and pressure inside my genital area. I had genital warts with my first pregnancy, I don't know if il get them again.

I had
• Borderline changes, 9.6.09
• Borderline changes, CIN1, Biopsy, 8.12.09
• Borderline changes, Biopsy Inflammation, 15.6.10
• No Abnormal cells, Biopsy Inflammation, 10.1.11
• Normal 25.7.11
• Normal 8.8.12

Im not due my next smear till Aug 2015, but i want one doing now, but being told i myt not get one done till after the pregnancy.


I'm sorry I can't be much help, but I did want to say that cervical cancer is slow growing, and therefore probably unlikely when you had a normal smear 2 years ago. Please try not to worry. The fact that you went from changes to normal smears suggests that your immune system fought the HPV and won!

there are probably all sorts of reasons for bleeding and feeling pressure down there when you're pregnant. I'm sure your appointment next week will put your mind at rest.

hugs, Molly xx

Thank you x The consultant im seeing next week deals with twin pregnancys, but is Obstetrics x