I'm really scared

I am getting myself in a state. I am in my 40's and over last week I was bleeding after sex. I was shocked as never had anything like this before. bleeding did not continue and was hoping that was it. Next morning after I went to the toilet there was very light blood I saw after wiping. This got me scared. After sex a few days later there was no blood initially but once I wiped there was obvious blood. I also seem to have a discharge the only way to describe it is it is a bit jellified!! Then I stared to google. Now I am petrified i have c.c. 

Hi Dani

Sorry to hear you're scared. :( Do you want to tell us why? We'll do our best to help.

Kirsty x

When I googled about the bleeding it seemed to keep saying that it could be c.c. now I am getting absolutely paranoid. Am I jumping the gun here. It's just that I have no one to talk too at the moment. it does mention bleeding after sex and discharge. I have a lower backache!! Everything that points to c.c. Sorry to sound so silly. 


Any comments will be grateful. Thanks

Hi Dani,

Disregard my first message - your post only showed the title the first time I saw it!  

Okay - first of all stop Googling. That will definitely get you jumping the gun! Your symptoms could be something else and not very significant.  Could you get an appointment at the doc's tomorrow?  They will be able to check you out and that might put your mind at rest. 

Don't think you're being silly.  We all get worried when our bodies misbehave! ;)

Take care!

Kirsty x

Absolutely, as Kirsty said, the first step is to see your GP who will set the ball rolling with tests. There is no other way of knowing whether its CC or "just" abnormal cells, which are easy to treat.

Hi Dani

did you get to see your Doc? I had a little spotting after sex recently for the first time. It happened twice within a week. It was enough to make me hot foot to the GP for a smear the next day in a panic.

Not saying this could happen to you as I have had a borderline result in the past. My results returned high grade cells and I had to go for a colposcopy and LLETZ yesterday. The Consultant seemed happy it was only abnormal CIN3 cells so I am considering myself very lucky.

If I had have left it longer, who knows?

Please get yourself checked out, it is probably nothing/ very little to worry about but don't let it linger