I'm not sure this is normal

I’m day 9 after my LLetz and just started bleeding 2 days ago first light now heavier. The first few days I was getting gushes of clear liquid but now gushes of blood! I just got out of my car to go to my friends house and felt the most humongous gush and could feel my knickers filling up so went to the toilet and sure enough I’m soaked through my jeans and there’s about (tmi) 3 clots hanging out! Is this normal? I have no idea when my period is due so don’t know if it’s happening at the same time. I’m hoping it’s I just haven’t changed my pad enough cause it’s very bright red and a lot!


im 3 weeks post op and i found it constantly changing. i went from light pinks, light oranges and watery to bright red blood and lots of it then ive had browns and back red again sometimes light sometimes heavy and i would say first couple weeks i felt like i was wetting myself. call your colposcopy unit if it seems unusual :)



Hiya jade if your having clots and the bleeding is getting heavier I would goto hospital. I had an infection after my LLetz and this is how mine was some anti biotics and I was fine xx

Hi that sounds like alot of blood, I agree with above i would go back to clinic or to your gp, you could have an infection that's preventing you from healing. It happened to me too but once on antibiotics I was fine x

It settled down the next day and sometimes I'd wipe and there would hardly be anything there. however I'm noticing a metallic smell now which I have noticed before when having periods. Is there anyway of knowing if you're on your period of bleeding from treatment?

the reason I don't know when my period is due is because I had my implant removed and had the depro injection at the same time! I'd say it's over due as it's 30 days late accordibg to my p app!

I couldn't tell the difference as I stopped taking the pill after it happened so had no idea what was what.. I think its a good sign though that the bleeding getting less x