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Hi I’ve just been told I have the rare cervical cancer called adenosquamous carcinoma.Im waiting for a pet scan to check my lymph nodes and an appointment with the oncologist.Anyone that has had this type,is it curable.They never told me.Im so scared as they said its agressive and I need treatment asap.My heads in a whirl,its so hard to act normal in front of my kids when my life has been completely turned around.Ive always been so scared of getting cancer,I suffer with health anxiety.And now I finally have it.I know everyone must ask this but why me :weary:

I didn’t want to just ‘read and run’ - I can understand how scared you are - I’m at the other side - 5 months after treatment, and hoping it stays away! Mine was a Squamous cell, not Adenosquamous - I believe Adeno cancers are faster growing, hence the comment that it is aggressive - not the best thing to tell someone without further explanation. They will start treating you ASAP, and that’s the good thing. I had lymph node involvement and was stage 3, so the treatment was radiotherapy, chemo and brachytherapy (internal therapy).

Treatment for anything at stage 3 or less is called ‘curative’ - this means that the aim is to cure you, so try not to panic. The scans are all important because they’ll show if it’s anywhere other than the cervix and that will determine the area that will be targeted by the radiotherapy.

Why you? Well we can’t answer that, as HPV is pretty much endemic in the worldwide population and most women will get it if they are sexually active at all. For most, the body deals with it and it never causes abnormal cells. For some people, whose immunity is low or maybe are going through a period of stress, their body doesn’t deal with the virus and cell changes occur. If these are not detected and the rogue cells removed, it will eventually become cancerous.

Please find someone you can confide in about your situation and your worries. Please tell your doctors that you suffer from severe anxiety, and maybe they will let you bring someone with you to your consultations. Keep us updated and try to keep strong! Our wonderful NHS can sort this for you. X


Hi Debbie,
I’m sorry to hear about it diagnosis. I’m not so good with the words, but Jacky has left a brilliant explanation above. I’m a couple of weeks ahead of you in terms of diagnosis and treatment, here for a chat if you need it x


Thankyou both.I guess you just think it’s never gonna happen to you.Im so upset I’m gonna lose my hair.Ive always hid behind my hair as I’m a chubby girl.
I think after monday when I’ve had my oncology appointment I might feel better knowing a bit more.The doctor that gave me the news was quite matter of fact.
@Jacks133 I’m glad your the other side of it and hope your ok xx
@Joix I hope your feeling ok and thankyou for the offer of a chat.Its so nice to speak to people that are experiencing the same thing xx


Sorry to hear your diagnosis. I think you are right to wait and see what the oncologist says.
I am due to start treatment for stage 2b adenocarcinoma on 3 August. From what I can see the treatment for your type of cancer is the same as mine.
I am not able to have hysterectomy (this may be an option for you you’ll know once you have been staged after your pet scan). I am having chemo radiotherapy and brachytherapy, the type of chemo given does not cause hair loss.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care xx

Have a read on here, and the Macmillan cancer website. Try not to google your questions and ask here instead. There’s a lot of scary and incorrect info on google and i’ve found sticking to these websites has helped. My doctor also gave me some information books by Macmillan which are really informative about the whole process without being scary - you should ask if your doctor has these or something similar for you x

Your hair should be safe, Debbie, as the type of chemo generally given for cervical cancer (platinum based drugs) does not cause hair loss. It can cause a little tinnitus for a while (mine has cleared up now, I’m glad to say) but my head of hair was more wavy and wild than ever after my treatment because of lockdown! :joy: Be brave for your little ones and let us know how you get on after Monday’s appointment. X

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Because mine is so aggressive the nurse said the treatment will cause hair loss.I cant have a hysterectomy either as the doctor said it will aggravate it.I havent been given a stage yet.Thanks for your reply and I really hope your treatment goes well xx

I have the rare agressive type.Im not sure which treatment I will have yet.Thankyou,I will do xx