I'm new too and so terrified

Hello, I new here and very scared.

I just had  the dreaded phone call from the nurse after my pap smear last week and she sounded so very concerned, she said I had

adenocarcinoma and that it was rare and that the hospital will be ringing me first thing in the morning to get me in for more tests ASAP

I started googling which i should of not of done as I'm now shaking. Please has anyone had this before and gone through it and come out the otherside and all well again??


Thank you


Hi Sarah, yes there are lots of women on here who have had the same type of cc and are now absolutely fine. I am sure they will be along soon to tell their stories and reassure you. It's so hard to stay calm but cc is a very very treatable form of cancer. Stay away from google and ask your questions on here. Xxxx

Thankyou Nellie so much for replying to me... What you have said has calmed me somewhat. I'm so happy to have found this site for

women going through this. The nurse who gave me the results was great but she was very concerned and said I need to be seen by

the hospital tomorrow. She kept asking me if I was alright and also explained it is rare ...the way she spoke to me just alarmed me more.

and then I made the bad mistake  and I googled and just started shaking. i left work and came home and just cryed.

Thankfully I googled again and found this site. I would really love if others with this type of cc to share their stories

and/or advice. I would be most grateful and Thankyou Nellie x



Hello Sarah :-)

I was diagnosed four years ago with adenocarcinoma stage 2b. You can read my whole story if you click on my name in pink. That will take you to my profile where you will find "My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy" It'll waste a good hour of your time if nothing else ;-)

I believe I am right in saying that adenocarcinoma accounts for about 1 in five cervical cancers, so it's not desperately rare, just a bit less common. It's usually that bit more difficult to spot in the first place because it starts higher up in the cervix but it's perfectly treatable. I am ridiculously well! :-D

Be lucky :-)

Thank god your ridiculously well :) and I'm so glad you are!!!!!!!!! Thankyou, I'm off to read your story right now.!!!!!


Read it and am so grateful to you. I Posted a post under your story , im still scared and have no knowledge cc but your story has given me strengh.


Hi Sarah!

Don't be worried about the fact that the nurse said it's adenocarcinoma, it is more rare but in no way more diffcult to treat than the more common type, and the outcomes are the same for both. You will know more tomorrow when you see the doctor-it's lucky you don't need to wait longer, as the uncertainty is the most difficult part. You will most likely need to have a pelvic MRI for them to see what's going on in more detail.

I've been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma through Lletz and am due to have surgery in a week and the idea is that I will still be able to have children after, so the treatment doesn't necessarily need to be very invasive and this type of cancer is very treatable. There are lots of women here who have been through all kinds of treatment and are doing well so it's very encouraging!

xx Anna

And I have replied to your post in my thread :-)


Hi. I had adenocarcinoma stage 1b1. Picked up after second colposcopy following abnormal discharge and bleeding. It is more rare, but as others have said, treatment paths are the same. I had a radical hysterectomy as no spread was detected on MRI, and we were done with having children. Definitely stay away from Google, the info here is good, otherwise stick to NHS choices. Like Tivoli, I'm well though still recovering from surgery, and had no cancerous cells in my lymph nodes, so hopefully that will be it for me. Awaiting first follow up appt next month!

Hi Anna82 and Blackberry, Thank you for your posts and advice and information - it all really helps! Alot! I'm at work and glued to my phone waiting for the call. And all these waves of emotion just hits you and then you just push it all down- but finding this site has helped me so much. 

Anna, I truly wish you much heart felt succus in your op in week xox :) And good to hear that it is not to invasive.

Blackberry, Im happy to hear your great news :) and May it be all great news for you next month! One question please,What does 1b1 mean? are the types or differnt stages?

Thanks again :)

Sarah ( from New Zealand and 44 yrs old and I have 2 great girls )

1b1 is a stage. There is a great visual on here of the stages If you go looking on the main site. Stage 1 means it is still in the cervix . Good (ish) news!

Thank you 365days for that info :) I will go and look and also read your blog.

Thank you kindly

Again Thankyou everyone for your words of wisdom. I'm still very scared but it so helps to come here and read everyone's posts and stories and find out really good info. 

You guys are all so great to be here and support others at such a horrible time. 

The hospital made contact with me yesterday and I'm booked in to see them on Tuesday morning. 

I'm rather HATING myself at the moment. To say the very least. Ive had abnormal smears in the past and they have always sent me away and said your fine come back in a years time. This happened 3 times in a row and I always left feeling confused but shrugged my shoulders and carried on.......... But then I didn't go back.

My last smear was 4 years ago. I had stupidly thought there's never a problem they always send me away each time after investergating. 

Life got busy,  single mum working full time and also playing a haggard wench on the Hobbit movie. Life revoled around raising my teenage girls and then moving house and starting a new job in another part of the country. And meeting a new and wonderful man.

However, it would pop in my mind that I should go and get checked but I was always too busy or made up some dumb excuse. So very lame. 

My cycle has always been bang on 28 days, average to light, no cramps. No spotting, no nothing. Until my last period, 2 weeks ago. 3 days was normal and then for a day and a half, holy hell I was so heavy. So I finally took myself off for a smear. I'm thankful I 've gone now but SO now kicking myself for being such an utter dickhead for not going so much sooner that I've now put myself in a far worse position. :(


Don't beat yourself up over it. I was much the same, dodgy smear, have another one, OK, wait three years, dodgy smear, have another one, OK. Moved country, didn't understand the system, no one in my family has ever had any form of cancer so why worry  .  .  . At least you got to be in the Hobbit movie :-D

:D thanks - yeah me too no family history of cancer. Just woke up and it's beautiful sunny skies today.And I've had enough of feeling blue. I'll pop back here after tuesday. Many blessing to all and everyone here. Xo

Hey and welcome :). So very sorry about your diagnosis first and foremost but can I just say adenocarcinoma is not rare, it's less common than the squamous type and behaved differently because it's a different type of cell. However it's not worse or treated any differently in fact cases of adenocarcinoma are on the rise because they are getting better at detecting them. Try not to Google it is not your friend lol. I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma last year stage 2b and so far so good :) 


Take care

Charlene xx

Hello Charlene and thank you :) and Thankyou for everyone's posts.

Update.....so just got home... Okay so at first the Dr said everything looks good and normal but Because of the first smear result was adenocarinoma she took 3 biopsies internally and a further smear.

She also examined me externally and said there was a thickering of the skin tissue in the vulva.. So yikes I had to have another biopsy there! And damn that little sucker!! Now that the local has worn off is rather stingy and sore!! .... Haha however now I'm wondering lol.... Years and years ago I had a smear and the GP at the time said mmmm Sarah you look like you have a darker pigment there and this should be checked out. So I was good and off I went to a specialist who took a biopsy. Which was all clear no melanoma at all that the GP was worried about. Now I think parhaps this is the old scar tissue from that she has picked up on maybe haha and she biopsyed from the same spot as the pain now feels like its in the exact same spot and has brought this memory back to me..... Well I hope so anyway.

She also stated that when she Felt my cervix it felt harder than normal. :( I have know idea what that means which bothers me.

I was then taken for bloods. The Dr has ordered a CT scan and a MRI for next week. I was then sent to meet the cancer nurse which is when I broke down and freaked out in a puddle of tears. She was lovely and that was the problem, to nice and comforting. Which only alarmed me even more. She gave me a over load in info. But being home now I feel so much better and relieved. Just later in the week i will dreading next weeks scan results etc and what is to come. But pleased to be home and feeling a bit normal ish again.

I'm thinking of everyone out there who is going through this or who has been. Many blessings to everyone and wishing us all the best of luck!!!!!!!!

Sarah xo

Sounds like they are looking at all options... sounds like you have a great medical team! those CNS's are usually so lovely. my CNS was an absolute star! 

Stay strong awaiting those results and tests... Let us know how you get on next week 




Updated ... Have posted results under feeling panic title :)