I'm new. rough cervix.

Please can anyone help. I went for a smear test today and the nurse said I had a rough cervix and said it could be normal. She said ladies on the pill can have

A rough cervix (im not). im now very worried and got wait 2wks for results. Previous smears have been normal. Nurse asked if I have any bleeding after sex which I dont.

Very worried. Thank you. 

Hi there!!! From what I get it can be several different things. From infection, benign conditions, or cancer. The smear should show you something though.Do you have hpv? If not then its most likely not cancer. Primarily its hpv that causes cancer. I pray you are able to find things to distract you from worrying so much till you get the results. I know its scary and people say don't worry it will be OK, easy for them to say they aren't facing the possibility of having a life changing experience. I'm here to chat if you need to talk. For me it feels better to talk about it. If I say anything to any one I know they say o don't worry you'll be OK, and thats it. I feel totally cut off. I had a pap in sept. Results: high grade squamous intra-epthileal lesion. Scared me to death! Had a colposcopy a little over a week ago and got results yesterday. Dr said seriously severe dysplaysia across my cervix (cin3) its precancerous. I'm having a leep done 11/5 and they will biopsy that. He said to see if there is anymore behind it or anything worse, if so they will do a hysterectomy. If not then I'm cured! BTW just remember even if you did have cancer it is highly treatable now.

Women taking the pill are at higher risk of cervical erosions (harmless, none cancerous) i haven't really taken the pill, but was told i had a small area that looked rough. I had biopsies and all clear, apart from hpv changes. Theres a section on this site regarding cervical erosions x

Thanks for your replies. How would I know if I had HPV? Is there a test? . I went back to doctors next day as im so worried but they didnt put my mind at ease much. Said its probably nothing but smear will pick anything up and its probably erosion. Rhonda I hope all works out for you. X

Yes there is a certain test they do to test for hpv. I hope and pray all is well for you. I did get my leep results back and they weren't able to get it all. Dr said it was completely throughout the layer they took off, no normal spots at all no clear margins. I am set to have a hysterectomy on 1/22/2016. I'm glad he's a proactive Dr but kind of scared having surgery.