I'm new here please help

Hi, I'm new here and I need some advice please! Brief history- 6 months of bleeding during after sex and discomfort, periods now irregular and on exam something is showing up just inside my cervix, ultrasound was ok, showed a few fibroids but nothing major. The thing is, I was refered to hospital last week and they said ive gotta go to theatre and have a hysteroscopy and biopsies etc. I've also gotta go for a colposcopy this week and my worry is that today I've got up and started bleeding really heavily with awful lower abdo pain and back pain, this isn't normal for me at all and I'm not sure if I should seek medical advice today or just wait? I dot want to waste anyone's time but I am worried about all this. Can anyone help? Thanks you

Personally I would go to your nearest A&E if your worried hun. (My doc told me gong to see your g.p or walk in centre is pointless with heavy blredong coz they cant dp anything) 

hope everything is ok x

I agree with anyaanya, go to a&e. I had major bleeding and needed help to stop it. Dont chance your health ...hope everything goes ok. Lea xx

Thanks so much for both your replies. I went to emergency docs yesterday and I explained everything, he gave me very strong painkillers so I went home and went to bed with hot water bottle. I woke this morning with pain much worse than yesterday, agony Infact, so I took my painkillers and took to my bed! Hardly any bleeding today which is very strange considering the amount of pain I've been in. I've slept for most of the day and the tablets have helped so I'm gonna see how I am tmoz. I will update in the morning. Thanks again! Xxx

Glad your feeling a little better and hope you keep improving! X

Glad your feeling a little better and hope you keep improving! X