I'm new and clueless. Help!

Hi everyone.
I’ve had high risk HPV for about 6 years now. Had colposcopy but never needed biopsy. I never asked many questions before as I thought “so long as I stick with my appointments, all will be ok”. I went yesterday for a colposcopy. I genuinely thought they’d say “all good, go home” as they did last time. But they had to take a biopsy and was told i would get results in 3 weeks. I never thought to ask whether she could already tell how advanced the cells were.
Also I’ve read on a few of your profiles “awaiting results after LLETZ”. I thought once you had that done you were clear. … I’m confused and a bit worried. Can anyone advise please.

Hey Vanessa,

We all hope that once the lletz has been done (if needed) that we will be clear (I had Lletz treatment 9 days ago) but the tissue they take from Lletz acts as a biopsy so that will also be tested to a) confirm what the changes are and b) ensure they have got them all (clear margins around the unhealthy cells) - try not to worry (I know that is easier said than done) x it is a hard time as there is a lot of waiting for results but hopefully all will be ok.

Leanne x

Hi Leanne. Thanks for your answer. Ok that makes sense. I glanced at the screen during colposcopy and saw a few white patches which worried me a bit but as I've read quite a lot of the posts on here, it could be easily treated. Fingers crossed ☺

The white patches were the abnormal cells, so that they know what to remove - definately fingers crossed x