I'm going out of my mind....

Hi All,

I have to write this on here as I am going out of my mind with worry.

I had an abnormal smear with severe dyskaryosis in January, I had my colposcopy 14/02/2017 from this it was decided I needed a biopsy as the doctor and nurse thought that was the best option.

I am going out of my mind waiting for the results… Any coping tools/exercises welcomed.


HI Kelly,

I had sever d too, and had it removed under general anaesthetic. The waiting for the results was slightly stressful, but it only took a couple of weeks.

The way I coped is keeping in mind that anything they found, be it just abnormal pre cancerous cells or god forbid worse, was found EARLY and was treatable. I was now in the system and would be helped and monitored.

I could not change the outcome, it is what it is, and stress and worry can have a damaging impact on the body. I kept myself busy, did not google, and just accepted I was in the best hands. My results came back abnormal cells successfully removed, and nothing else found. Relief. The next smear is in 6 months. That in itself will be another worry, but I don't even think about it now. As I said... things are what they are. And I am being watched.

Please try not to panic, I know it's not easy. You have early cells more than likely, and these are easily removed. Kind of like a spot on the end of your nose. 

Positive thoughts and good support will get you through. Wishing you all the best xxx

Hi Jo,


Thank you for your reply and the great advice.

I'm going crazy over nothing I know, It's the waiting I'm very impatient :-)

All the best and take care, thanks again xxxxxx