I'm Feeling Anxious!

Hi Everyone,

i have any just joined this site, I decided to make the leap as I have spent too long this morning on the Internet diagnosing myself with incurable cancer! So I'm doing something more proactive instead.

my story is that I am 45 years old, had two borderline smears, negative for HPV. I experience slight bleeding after sex , summer 2014 which the nurse at my GP surgery said was probably down to the fact I had a bout of thrush and was therefore sensitive. I was tested for STI's and a swab taken, all normal, and that's when I had another smear that was borderline.i was then referred to my local hospital for a hysteroscopy.,Colposcopy and Lletz if needed. this was all carried out on 5th March 2015. After the procedure one of the nurses looked at my notes and said that is was NAD, no abnormalities detected for my womb and cervix. I was also told that had used the Lletz procedure on a tiny section. I then asked another nurse who was in the room, as I Had had general anaesthetic and she too said they hadn't found anything. As you can I imagine I Was relieved, and in all honesty I didn't expect them to find anything either. So when yesterday I came home to a letter inviting me to return to the hospital to the outpatients department in 4 weeks, i was filled with a sense of dread. The NHS don't invite you back to tell you all is well? the letter does not explain anything just tells me where to go, plus there is that section that says you can bring a friend along to go into the consulting room if you wish. I read that as they are going to give me bad news. Well, that's all my anxiety down on paper, well, some of it! The hospital I am going to is PRU Farnborough. Is there anyone out there who has had a similar experience? I will phone the hospital hopefully tomorrow to see if Incan find out more and put an end to self diagnosis of doom.

I know your pain!! It is such a horrible time waiting for these appointments, it could be a follow up smear test or to make sure u have taken in everything that was discussed during the procedure, if it was anything to worry about I think that they may have, booked an appointment quicker than four weeks. 

Hi Suzanne

Welcome to Jo's, you will find lots of help and support on this site.  Firstly, if it was bad news they certainly wouldn't be waiting 4 weeks to tell you.  I had a call on the Friday saying the consultant wanted to see me on the Monday (that was the weekend from hell!).  I'm guessing it's just a follow up appointment to confirm their findings after the tests were done.  It normally takes a couple of weeks for the results to come back so that timing fits about right.  And that's standard procedure about bringing a friend along as they know we all get so stewed up about these things that we don't hear everything that is being said.  It may be that as you had a borderline smear they want it repeated in 6 months.

It's not all bad news when the NHS invite you back, they also do it to follow up after tests were done and advise if any further checks are needed in the future.

Please try not to worry, easier said than done I know but believe me they wouldn't be leaving it 4 weeks if it was bad news.



Hi Emma,

Thank you for replying. your words are comforting, I have made myself extra busy today so that I wouldn't think about it soooo much. I will just think positIvey until I know otherwise.

I am so pleased I was brave enough to join the forum, it feels very supportive.

Hope you are ok.



Thank you Cheryl, I know what you are saying is the rational response....and you are probably right. I already feel a sense of relief from joining this site and appreciate your kind and wise words. It sounds like you have been through a lot, so I hope you are now ok.

Suzanne xx 

Hi Suzanne

Yes I am fine now thank you.  I'm currently on 4 monthly check ups, probably will be extended to 6 monthly ones soon.

The ladies that have been members of this site for a while get quite experienced in responding to posts, both from personal experience and from the amount of posts they have read along the way!  It's easy to be rational when you are not the one it's happening to and believe me I've been on the other side too!!

If it still bothers you a lot you could always have a word with your GP who I'm sure would reassure you.



If it was cancer you would be under the 2 week rule. I would suspect that they are not happy with the margins of your Letz and would like to do another one. This means that they may have found  precancer cells (CIN) and want to make sure they remove it all.  

Totally agree with Cheryl. The badder the news the faster the travel!