I'm driving myself potty!!!

The title says it all really!!! I'm going in to hospital this Sunday to have a hysteroscopy, D&C and colposcopy done all at the same time whilst under general anaesthetic.  I'm trying really hard not to read stuff on the internet but it's so hard not to. I've almost convinced myself that it's going to be something serious (which I know is stupid) but I can't help it!! Does anyone know how long the usual wait is to get lab results back from a D&C biopsy??? This THING (what ever it may be) that the doctors can see obscuring the entrance to my cervix is worrying me coz I keep imagining that it's something really awful and serious! Taking in to account the fact that the bleeding during and after sex has been going on for about 6 months now, I'm finding it hard to concentrate on much else but this! I actually can't wait to get to Sunday so I can go to theatre, have these procedures, and get some clarification one way or another! Is anyone else a nervous wreck or is it just me???

Thanks girls. xx

Hi mrs m im kinda in the same boast as you as I am having all them 3 procedures done under general anaesthesia tomorrow, I'm extremely nervous for the outcome fingers crossed we will both be ok xx

Hi, jut wondered how you got on yesterday?


Hi Mrs M

When i've had things like this done in the past, they normaly say results will be about 6 weeks, if there's anything serious they will be in touch after 2 weeks, i rem in 2008 when i had LLETTZ done for CIN2 they said 6 weeks then i got a phone call after 2 weeks to go back, then last year when i had hysterectomy, same again and after 2 weeks rang me, let me know how you get on x