I'm back!

Hi all,

There are lots of scary stories on here and If I’m honest finding out I had severe dyskaryosis and having to have lletz treatment which then caused an infection etc etc etc was awful. So having my follow up smear afterwards was so scary knowing what would happen if the results were abnormal…

And it’s not all bad ladies! My results came back clear - for abnormal cells and HPV virus. It feels amazing! Like a weight has been lifted. I am now back to three yearly smears.
I hope you all go on to receive the same news very soon… All the best! And thank you for helping me through such a tough time x

Thats great news!  Same for me!  Such a relief and I hope that this gives hope to others in the same position.  I think it is important to also report on the good news.  And I had CIN3 with unclear margin but still normal smear and no HPV at follow up.

Good luck to everyone going through this testing time - there is light at the end of the tunnel


Congratulations KayS. Whilst going through the testing/results/treatment/follow ups it really does feel like it never ends. But it does and I just wanted to give people hope as I know all I saw was posts where people needed further treatment after lletz 


good luck all